How to Throw Craps Dice Like a Pro

Throwing dice in craps can be done by anyone. Just grab the bones and roll them on the table. But did you know that a few skilled players can influence the results of a roll by the way they toss the dice? Yes, there are. These are shooters who are experts in dice control. Dice control is the art of tossing craps dice to yield a desired result.

A dice controller will take the pair of dice from the stickman and set the number totals he or she wishes to see. Then they will toss the dice so as to make the desired totals. After receiving the dice from the stickman, you set them as you wish. Now grip them and imagine what you are about to do. Once tossed the dice must fly out straight without any wobble, hit the pass line and bounce off the table surface and the wall, then roll back with your desired combination showing.

Toss the dice at an angle to reduce the impact that comes from the fall. Roll the dice about 45 degrees from the craps table top.

It is not desirable to have any chips in the way. If there are, ask the other players to kindly move them.

A really good dice throw requires more than just a twist of the arm and wrist. Your whole body must go into it. This is true for boxing, martial arts, golf, discus and billiards. Why should it be any different with craps? When you throw the cubes, swing your body along in the same gesture.

Bend your fingers a little to add pressure to the dice when you finally throw them.

Do not toss the dice too strongly or they will bounce off the table.

Throw the dice onto the pass line. Picture a target in it and aim for the imagined target.

Be calm and focused. Be friendly but avoid talking as much as possible. Your fellow players won't be upset by this if they realize you are on a roll. They wouldn't want to disturb you.

Dice control takes lots of practice. But it isn't that hard. You only need to get a table of similar dimensions as the craps table in the casino you play in. Set it up to simulate the table you play in as much as possible. Then practice your dice toss. Each player's hand type, grip and strength are all unique to him or her. You need to find your own handling combination to get the desired results. After a while, this will become second nature and you will be able to win consistently in craps.